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Comprehensive school support

Our Work

Nurture the Whole Child

Community School Partnership


Replications partners with schools and districts as a lead Community-Based Organization (CBO) to implement the Community School Model and provide expert coordination, programs and services that nurture the whole child and drive student achievement.

Comprehensive Development

Professional Development


We provide school leaders and their staff with comprehensive professional development programs using our Essential Features of Schools (EFS) framework to promote the habits of mind that lead to the development of continuous improvement and Growth Mindset school cultures.

Meaningful Partnerships

Academic Enrichment Programs


We partner with school communities to develop meaningful partnerships that result in highly effective programs that increase student academic achievement and social-emotional growth.

Driving Student Achievement

Community School Partnership

As a lead Community School partner organization, our aim is to engage and empower members at every level of a school community. Replications partners with school communities to provide programs, services and coordination that nurture the whole child and drive student achievement.

As a lead Community School partner, Replications leverages schools’ strengths to:

• Develop and maintain positive school cultures and climates

• Improve student attendance

• Provide social emotional and mental health supports

• Engage and empower families and community members

• Provide after-school and enrichment programs

• Provide academic support directly to students

• Coordinate community partnerships and student services

To accomplish these goals, we focus our efforts in the following areas:

Student Attendance

We support schools to develop data-driven attendance teams that build relationships with students and families, and design initiatives customized to meet their needs.

Family Empowerment

We work closely with families and community members to develop strong relationships and create meaningful engagement using the Framework for Family Partnership.

Wellness and Integrated Supports

We work closely with school communities to identify and address barriers to student success and develop customized social-emotional and mental health supports.

Expanded Learning Time

We assist schools to develop comprehensive academic and enrichment ELT programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the students and school community.

Community Building and Rebranding

We believe strongly in engaging with the community to develop partnerships and share resources. We also have many years of experience with branding, marketing and recruitment in schools.

Your support helps us do more.

Providing Comprehensive Development

Professional Development

Based on our experience providing services to school leadership and instructional staff, Replications has developed the Essential Features of Schools (EFS) system for working with partner schools and districts. EFS is an integrated system of tools, practices, and professional development programs designed to promote the habits of mind that lead to the development of continuous improvement and Growth Mindset school cultures: cultures in which everyone holds the belief that they are able to increase talent, ability and even intelligence through curiosity, learning, and discipline.

The Replications EFS system supports the development of;

• Standards-based 21st century thinking curriculum

• Quality instruction that is research-based and differentiated

• Sustainable leadership

To assist educators in developing 21st century thinking curriculum, Essential Features of Schools (EFS) system has programs that serve as model curricula and pedagogy for educators to implement and emulate. It also has programs that assist educators in increasing the impact of existing programs and curricula. All EFS programs are grounded in research on cognitive engagement. In particular, we draw from and align our programs to the work of Carol Dweck’s self-efficacy theory and Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy for critical thinking and learning. Replications EFS programs apply the research of these two seminal thinkers so we both teach and model how to fully engage, scaffold, and differentiate learning experiences so all learners fully engage in standards-based 21st century curriculum.

Individually, our professional development offerings are designed to help participants improve their job performance and impact on student outcomes. Collectively, they form a system of complementary programs and practices that can lead to profound organizational change and continuous improvement.

Increasing Student Academic Achievement

Academic Enrichment Programs

Over the course our twenty-three year history, Replications and our trusted partners have developed a comprehensive set of student support and academic enrichment programs. Our program offerings are designed to nurture the whole child, help students recognize and pursue their interests, and provide them with a safe and caring environment in which to interact with their peers and learn from caring, responsible adults.

Our student support and academic enrichment programs include:

• Leadership Development and Civic Engagement

• Individual and Group Counseling

• Mentoring

• Recreation and Sports

• College and Post-Secondary Planning

• Career Awareness

• School Attendance Improvement

• Family Support Services

• Tutoring and Homework Assistance

• Study and Test-Taking Skills

• Academic Skills Enhancement

Our programs can be implemented individually or in combination to create full-scale after school, expanded learning time (ELT), and Saturday school programs. Based on our school development and Community School facilitation experience, Replications’ services are tailored to the specific needs, vision and values of individual school communities. All of our programs, however, emphasize achievement through engagement, leadership and social-emotional development, and project-based and immersive learning opportunities.

Our student support programs and services are based on three main goals:

1. To increase student academic and social-emotional development through meaningful engagement and peer interaction

2. To increase access for students and families to broader, more equitable opportunities

3. To increase partnership and partnerships so student and families feel more connected to the school and gain resources that support sustainability and student development