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Get to Know Replications: 5 W's and How

Ms. Frank

Who are you? Ms. Alicia Frank

Where do you live? Brooklyn, New York

When did you start working for Replications? August 2017

What do you do at Replications? I work with 6th and 7th grade students at BAMM and CAS as a math tutor. I am also a member of the High School Articulation Program (HSAP) Team, Equity Team, Operations Team, and the Website Development Team.

Why do you work in youth development? I work in the field of youth development because I enjoy seeing students grow in different ways – academically, emotionally and mentally.

Why do you work for Replications? The camaraderie amongst the staff is really high. Leadership is willing to work with you in balancing your work and personal life.

How do you do what you do? With a smile and compassion.