Slide Innovation. Equity. Community. Innovation. Equity. Community. Slide Our kids. Our schools. Our communities. Replications is a nonprofit school support organization devoted to improving educational outcomes for public school children. Slide Tackling school reform through a holistic, grassroots paradigm. Tackling school reform through a holistic, grassroots paradigm. Slide Focus on student engagement and creating teacher-leaders.
Replications History


Since our inception in 1998, Replications has worked to create replicable schools and programs that empower students and challenge the notion that a child’s destiny is determined by demographics or geography.

Replications Mission


Replications’ mission is to establish strong partnerships that support students to maximize their brilliance and gain the confidence to explore the world. Our communities of partners include students, parents, school administrators and staff, and other caring adults.

Replications Vision


To leverage the collective strengths and innovative thinking of strong partnerships in support of equitable access to excellent educational options for all students.

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Nonprofit school support organization

Devoted to improving educational outcomes for public school children.

Replications is a nonprofit school support organization that was founded in 1998 with the mission to facilitate the replication of successful public schools thereby significantly increasing the impact of their proven methods on children, families and school systems. Our vision is that every child, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, has an opportunity to attend a high performing, dynamic and intellectually rigorous public school.


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From Replications’ Leadership Team and Equity Committee

In Solidarity with the Asian-American and Pacific Islander Communities

Replications, Inc. is deeply saddened and outraged by the attacks on Tuesday, March 16th that killed eight people, including six Asian women, in the Atlanta area. The killings are part of a disturbing surge in anti-Asian crimes fueled by xenophobia and misinformation. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 3,800 attacks on Asian Americans, mostly women, have been reported in the United States. 

Although some initial theories have been offered to explain the motive behind Tuesday’s shootings, there is no denying that the attacks were gender and race-based. To attempt to excuse the shooter’s behavior because of a self-reported sexual addiction is disgraceful. The absurd attempts at softening the edges of murder not only permits violence as a justifiable response to addiction but also disrespects those actually seeking treatment in the name of recovery. 

Replications, Inc. continues to denounce systemic racism, white supremacy, and misogyny that motivates and fuels attacks against the AAPI and other communities of color. We remain committed to ensuring that the rights of all our AAPI families are respected and protected.