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Replications Mission, Vision, and Core Values
Core Values and Guiding Principles

About Us

Nonprofit school support organization

About Replications

Replications is a leading New York City Community School partner with the Department of Education. We were founded in 1998 with the mission to replicate schools and programs that empower students and families. Our vision is that every child in every community have access to a dynamic and joyful public school that empowers them to thrive. We partner with schools to provide comprehensive support services to drive student academic achievement and social-emotional development.

Key characteristics of our approach and focus

Core Values

Replications Integrity



Replications diligently works to establish partnerships, design and implement programs, and meet goals with integrity. We lead by example, speak with sincerity, and do what we say.

Replications Equity



Replications is committed to the equitable access of educational opportunities that support students to succeed. We challenge conditions, systems and institutions that perpetuate the notion that success is determined by demographics and geography.

Replications Community



Replications recognizes that community involvement is vital to the success of students. We strive to energize and integrate parents, caring adults and other community members into the network of support for students.

Replications Humility



At Replications, we acknowledge the fact that we do not have all the answers. We seek to improve our organization and programs by not taking ourselves too seriously, learning from others, and taking their guidance and feedback seriously.

Replications Diversity



Replications embraces the contributions that our students, parents, staff and partners bring to our work based on their ethnic and cultural diversity, self-identity, lived experiences, and skills. We seek opportunities to leverage and honor all diverse backgrounds.

Replications Trust



Replications’ partnerships and collaborations are built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. We strive to earn trust and respect, align our actions with our core values, value relationships among metrics, and hold ourselves accountable for our missteps.

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How It All Began

A brief history of Replications, Inc.

Replications is a nonprofit school support organization that was founded in 1998 with the mission to facilitate the replication of successful public schools thereby significantly increasing the impact of their proven methods on children, families and school systems. Our vision is that every child, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, has an opportunity to attend a high performing, dynamic and intellectually rigorous public school.

The Year


The Year


When we began, Replications accomplished its mission by providing professional development and partnership support to school and school district personnel that led to the creation of small, excellent schools based on distinctive school models with a record of success.

Over our 22 years, we supported the opening of 33 schools and partnered with numerous more, providing operational, professional development, youth development, and community school support.

Our professional development and partnership model has helped create several highly successful schools, including The Brooklyn Latin School, which in 2013 was ranked by US News and World Report as number 21 nationally, and Longwood Preparatory Academy, one of only two schools in New York State to achieve all eleven of its Receivership benchmarks two years in a row during the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years.

Over the last five years, Replications has partnered with the NYC DOE as a lead Community-Based Organization (CBO) to implement the Community School Model in a total of five schools.

We implement the Community School model using Replications Essential Features of Schools (EFS) framework.

EFS consists of direct services for students and families, professional development, and specific, proprietary frameworks and practices that promote school cultures characterized by collaboration, trust, and equity.

Replications 2021

The Year


A Supportive Partner

"Replications, Inc. has been a supportive partner in our efforts to improve the chronic absenteeism attendance rate, increase family engagement, meet the social and emotional needs of our student body and community, and provide an array of enrichment programs for our students."

Principal at a Replications Community School in the Bronx

An Instrumental Partner

"Replications has been an instrumental partner to develop and grow our school’s scholar attendance and school culture committees. The partnership has also secured multiple grants that provided additional learning opportunities to increase credit accumulation and raise graduation rates. Members of the Replications team have invested time to build the capacity of school staff members. The push for alignment among vision and actions has been essential to the progress of the school."

UFT Chapter Leader at Replications Partner School

Resourceful, Energetic, and Reliable

"We could not have had the kind of success we’ve had without the support we’ve gotten from Replications. They have been a true partner - resourceful, energetic, and reliable. Planning, execution, monitoring and celebration, they are with us every step of the way."

Principal at Replications Partner School

Replications Came Through

"Replications came through during situations where the school needed help. Can’t say enough for their support!"

District-level Administrator

Our Results

Locally & nationally recognized leader of Community School professional development & best practices

Students supported by Replications staff during the pandemic
Laptops and tablets distributed to students for remote learning
Virtual tutoring sessions provided during remote learning
Virtual wellness counseling sessions provided during the pandemic