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Our Financials

Our mission to ensure that there are no barriers to the potential of young people requires a sustained and steadfast commitment. As such, Replications invests considerable effort building long-term financial strategies with a focus on maintaining our fiscal strength and diversifying our revenue streams. The following information is a summary of the operating performance of Replications.

Our Yearly Performance

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A Supportive Partner

"Replications, Inc. has been a supportive partner in our efforts to improve the chronic absenteeism attendance rate, increase family engagement, meet the social and emotional needs of our student body and community, and provide an array of enrichment programs for our students."

Principal at a Replications Community School in the Bronx

An Instrumental Partner

"Replications has been an instrumental partner to develop and grow our school’s scholar attendance and school culture committees. The partnership has also secured multiple grants that provided additional learning opportunities to increase credit accumulation and raise graduation rates. Members of the Replications team have invested time to build the capacity of school staff members. The push for alignment among vision and actions has been essential to the progress of the school."

UFT Chapter Leader at Replications Partner School

Resourceful, Energetic, and Reliable

"We could not have had the kind of success we’ve had without the support we’ve gotten from Replications. They have been a true partner - resourceful, energetic, and reliable. Planning, execution, monitoring and celebration, they are with us every step of the way."

Principal at Replications Partner School

Replications Came Through

"Replications came through during situations where the school needed help. Can’t say enough for their support!"

District-level Administrator