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Partner Schools

Where Do We Work

Partnership Schools

Community Schools Partnerships

The Angelo Patri School (TAPS) – M.S. 391 

The Urban Assembly Unison School (Unison) – M.S. 351

Bronx Academy of Multi-Media (BAMM) – M.S. 424

Community Action School (CAS) – M.S. 258 

Public School Partnerships

Leaders of Tomorrow – M.S. 370

P.S. 91

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Expert Coordination and Efforts

"Thanks to the expert coordination and efforts of Replications' full-time Site Director, the program ran seamlessly and the 6th grade students showed significant increases in their math gains, especially when compared to the grades not using the program."

Principal at a Replications Partner School in the Bronx

A Partnership Yielding Results

"Between the start of our partnership and this year, through Replications’ support, we have increased overall student attendance by 2.5% in two years, reduced chronic absenteeism by 9% in one year, increased our enrollment by 20% in two years, and strengthened our partnerships and family empowerment practices."

Principal at a Replications Community School in Brooklyn

Incredible Leadership Thought Partner

"In a short amount of time, I have come to trust and rely on its staff and am grateful for the level of support they provide. They are an incredible leadership thought partner and would be an asset for any principal or district to develop and implement strategic planning."

Principal at a Replications Partner School in the Bronx